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The preparation and physical properties of conducting ionomers have been investigated. A two-step process was used to prepare a polyethylene-based film grafted with poly(styrenesulphonic acid). A pre-irradiation technique was applied to carry out the grafting of polystyrene on various polyethylene films. The grafted films were then sulphonated to yield the ionomer. Chemical polymerization of pyrrole into the ionomer was carried out in aqueous solutions and caused a four orders of magnitude increase in the conductivity of the film. Better conductivities were obtained when l,l,2-trichloroethane was used as the chain transfer reagent during grafting of polyethylene with styrene. The conductivity, structure, composition and mechanical properties of the electrically conducting ionomers were evaluated. Films having high conductivities and improved mechanical properties were obtained.

Посилання на статтю:

Electrically conducting ionomers / Baruch Zinger* and Dan Kijel // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 467-474.

Electrically conducting ionomers - Завантажити.