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Poly(p-phenylene-l,3,5-hexatrienylene) (IP) was prepared by the Wittig reaction of terephthalaldehyde with bis-ylide derived from trans-1,4-bis (triphenylphosphonium)-2-butene dichloride. The polymer was an orange-red powder with maximum absorption at 407 nm, and its degree of polymerization was found to be 4-9 by g.p.c, analysis. The 1H n.m.r, and i.r. spectral data indicated that IP predominantly has an all-trans structure in its triene unit. The correlation between the u.v.-vis, absorption maximum and the conjugation length of IP was investigated, and the photochemical reactivity of 1P was studied by means of u.v.-vis, absorption spectroscopy. The d.s.c, thermogram of IP showed an exothermic peak at 118°C, which was assignable to crystallization. A pellet of IP could be doped with iodine and its maximum electrical conductivity was 0.50 S cm- 1

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Preparation and properties of poly (p-phenylene-1,3,5- hexatrienylene / Yoriko Sonoda and Kyoji Kaeriyama // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 2437-2442.

Preparation and properties of poly (p-phenylene-1,3,5- hexatrienylene - Завантажити.