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The structure, crystallization and morphology of poly (aryl ether ketone ketone)s (PEKKs) prepared from diphenyl ether (DPE), terephthalic acid (T) and isophthalic acid (I) and having different T/I ratios have been investigated. As prepared, these copolymers can be thought of as consisting of 'phthalate diads' containing -DPE-T DPE-T- (TT) and/or-DPE T-DPE-I- (TI). Melt-crystallized PEKKs (all T/I ratios) form a structure similar to that observed in other poly(aryl ether ketone)s (form 1 ; a = 0.769 nm, b = 0.606 nm and fibre axis c = 1.016 nm). However, depending on composition, both TT and TI crystals were observed. All PEKK materials grow in the form of spherulites having negative birefringence. The incorporation of isophthaloyl moieties is observed to increase the chain flexibility and decrease the rate of crystallization. The equilibrium melting temperatures of various PEKKs were estimated using the Hoffman Weeks approach, and showed a linear correlation with the meta isomer content. In contrast to other poly(aryl ether ketone)s, a form 2 crystalline modification (a = 0.393 nm, b = 0.575 nm and c = 1.016 nm) can be induced either by exposure to solvents or by cold crystallization. The two crystalline modifications differ from each other in the placement of the chains and, consequently, the interchain interactions.

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Structure, crystallization and morphology of poly (aryl ether ketone ketone)* / KennCorwin H. Gardner, Benjamin S. Hsiao§, Robert R. Matheson Jrand Barbara A. Wood // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 2483-2495.

Structure, crystallization and morphology of poly (aryl ether ketone ketone)* - Завантажити.