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Rheology and birefringence measurements showed conclusively that quasi-full chain extension could be achieved in stagnant extensional flow above some critical strain rate of the order of the reciprocal of the chain characteristic time. Degradation in this highly expanded state could be rationalized with a model of chain scission through frictional loading in which the fracture event is controlled by the force balance between polymer solvent viscous friction and the breaking strength of the bond under consideration. In contrast to the process of chain extension, which could be observed only under rather restrictive conditions of flow, polymer degradation is ubiquitous and is readily detected in situations as diverse as convergent flow, ultrasonic irradiation, solution crystallization, turbulence and flow across porous media. Although some extensional flow component was always present in these types of degradation, the residence time in the high strain-rate region is so short that only a limited degree of coil expansion could be expected. Degradation in transient elongational flow indicated a behaviour definitely distinct from the degradation of fully extended chains under stagnant conditions. In particular, the following experimental facts cannot be explained by the model of fully extended frictionally loaded chains : ~e -~ M- 1 (where ~ is the critical strain rate for chain fracture); ~f -~ ~s-0.25 (where ~ is the solvent viscosity); degradation yield is a fairly unique function of average fluid velocity or entrance pressure drop and is almost independent of differences in elongational strain rate introduced by nozzle geometry. These facts lead us to the conclusion that the fundamental parameter which governs the rate of degradation of partly deformed coils is not the magnitude of the local stress, but rather the deformation energy accumulated by the coil up to the moment of rupture

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Chain extension and degradation in convergent flow / Tuan Q. Nguyen and Henning-H. Kausch // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 2611-2621.

Chain extension and degradation in convergent flow - Завантажити.