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Acetylene polymerizes under the action of chlorine-bridged Rh (I) complexes such as [Rh (1,5-Cod)Cl] z or [Rh (NBD)CI] 2, in the presence of sodium ethoxide as co-catalyst. The microstructure of polyacetylene obtained at different temperatures has been studied by means of i.r. spectroscopy, and its thermal behaviour by t.g.a./d.t.a. The soluble oligomers obtained as secondary products of acetylene polymerization have been studied by u.v. spectroscopy. Moreover, the chlorinated derivative of polyacetylene has been prepared

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Acetylene polymerization on Rh (I) complexes / Franco Cataldo // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3073-3075.

Acetylene polymerization on Rh (I) complexes - Завантажити.