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A set of hydroxyl-terminated oligo(ether-ketones) based on isophthaloyl and oxyphenylene units were synthesized by conventional means involving Friedel-Crafts and Ullmann reactions. The pure dihydroxy intermediates were functionalized by end-capping with 3- and 4-ethynylbenzoylchloride. The synthetic route yielded oligomers of well defined composition, which could be readily confirmed by n.m.r. Solubility and thermal behaviour greatly depended on the ratio of m- to p-substituted phenylene rings present in the oligomers. All of the oligomers cured to insoluble, thermally stable materials after heating to 150-300°C and showed glass transition temperatures at ~250°C

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Acetylene-terminated ether-ketone oligomers / F. Martinez Nufiez and J. de Abajo* // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3286-3291.

Acetylene-terminated ether-ketone oligomers - Завантажити.