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Poly[ (R)-3-hydroxyalkanoate]s (PHAs) are bacterial storage polyesters, which are accumulated by a range of micro-organisms as intracellular granules. In contrast to the isolated PHA, the nascent polymer in the granules does not crystallize but remains amorphous at ambient temperature. A lot of studies have been devoted to this phenomenon and all claimed the in vivo presence of a highly effective plasticizer. In contrast, this paper demonstrates that the native granules do not contain a plasticizer and that the amorphous state of in vivo PHA can be explained simply by straightforward crystallization kinetics

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The amorphous state of bacterial poly [ (R)-3-hydroxyalkanoate ] in vivo / G. J. M. de Koning and P. J. Lemstra // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3292-3294.

The amorphous state of bacterial poly [ (R)-3-hydroxyalkanoate ] in vivo - Завантажити.