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Whilst the [WC16/SnMe4] initiating system leads to crosslinked polymers of dicyclopentadiene (DCP), a quasi-selective metathetic process can be carried out with [W(OAr)2CI4/SnMe4] as initiator to obtain soluble poly(DCP). The control of molar masses is carried out by transfer to acyclic olefins. By using unsaturated diesters as transfer agents, difunctional oligomers are obtained. The quantitative reduction of ester end groups leads to hydroxy-ended oligomers which could be used for chain extension by diisocyanate

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Functional oligomerization of dicyclopentadiene / Valerie Heroguez, Alain Soum and Michel Fontanille // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3302-3304.

Functional oligomerization of dicyclopentadiene - Завантажити.