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A high-resolution 13C n.m.r, spectrum of soluble polyaniline in DMF-d7 solution was recorded. The assignment for the various resonance peaks in the spectrum was tentatively performed and the chain structure of polyaniline was analysed. It has been shown that the main chain of pristine state polyaniline is composed of alternating benzoid-quinoid and successive benzoid-quinoid sequences with the former being present in greater concentration. The sequence distribution is random. In addition to the benzoid-type and quinoid-type structures, there is a small amount of other structural units in the main chain.

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C n.m.r, characterization of soluble polyaniline / Shaoru Ni*, Jinsong Tang and Fosong Wang // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3607-3610.

C n.m.r, characterization of soluble polyaniline - Завантажити.