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Several electroactive n-conjugated polymers have recently shown promising non-linear optical (NLO) properties. However, long conjugation sequences in such polymers as polyacetylene (PA), polythiophene (PT), poly (p-phenylene vinylene ) (PPV) and poly (2,5-thienylene vinylene ) (PTV) often result in solubility, processability and optical transparency problems that make their use in electro-optic devices difficult. In this paper it is outlined how copolymers in which oligomeric segments of PTV, alternating with saturated spacer units, can be synthesized and cast as optical-quality films for NLO applications. The design of oligomeric PTV monomers and preliminary NLO characterization of the copolymers are also described

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The design of new copolymers for x^(3) applications / Charles W. Spangler, Pei-Kang Liu and Tom J. Hall and David W. Polis, Linda S. Sapochak and Larry R. Dalton // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 3937-3941.

The design of new copolymers for x^(3) applications - Завантажити.