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Several series of copolymers of different geometry were synthesized from zwitterionic surfactant monomers and polar non-ionic comonomers. Bulk properties were investigated by d.s.c, and X-ray scattering. The copolymers were amorphous, but exhibited superstructures up to high comonomer contents. Solubility of the copolymers was determined as a function of geometry and composition. From the results, a main chain spacer model has been derived. All water-soluble copolymers exhibited characteristic features of classical polysoaps, as shown by surface tension measurements and by solubilization of pyrene. But gradual differences depending on the polymer geometry were observed for the solubilization sites

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Self-organization of hydrophobized polyzwitterions / P. Koberle, A. Laschewskyt and D. van den Boogaard // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 4029-4039.

Self-organization of hydrophobized polyzwitterions - Завантажити.