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The feasibility of obtaining high-solids-content latexes through miniemulsion polymerization was investigated. It was found that, for the batch terpolymerization of styrene, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate and methacrylic acid, coagulum-free 60 wt% solids-content latexes can be obtained through the miniemulsion process, whereas the maximum coagulum-free solids-content latex attainable by means of conventional emulsion polymerization was 50wt%. The effect of the type and amount of surfactant, amount of cosurfactant and sonication time on both the amount of coagulum and particle size was studied. In addition, the chemical, freeze-thaw and mechanical stabilities of the latexes were determined.

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High-solids-content batch miniemulsion polymerization / Lourdes Lbpez de Arbina and Jose M. Asua // Polymer. – 1992. – Vol 33. – P. 4832-4837.

High-solids-content batch miniemulsion polymerization - Завантажити.