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statistical thermodynamics theory of polydisperse polymer blends based on a lattice model description of a fluid is formulated. Characterization of a binary polydisperse polymer mixture requires a knowledge of the pure polymer system and the interaction energy. It is assumed that the intrinsic and interactive properties of polymer (for example, T*, P*, p*, and e*) are independent of molecular size. Thermodynamic properties of ternary and higher order mixtures are completely defined in terms of the pure fluid polymer parameters and the binary interaction energies. Thermodynamic stability criteria for the phase transitions of a binary mixture are shown. The binodal and spinodal of general binary systems and of special binary systems are discussed.

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Statistical thermodynamics of polydisperse polymer mixtures / Lijia An*, Xichun Kou, Rongtang Ma and Xinyi Tang // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 2989-2997.

Statistical thermodynamics of polydisperse polymer mixtures - Завантажити.