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1,2-Polybutadiene of moderate molecular weight was grafted onto porous silica by hydrosilylation reaction of a part of its vinyl units, and coupling of the silane with the silanol groups of the silica. Two ways of grafting are discussed: 'grafting from' and 'grafting onto'; the latter gave better results in terms of capacity of residual double bonds grafted onto silica and available for further reactions. However, the capacity was limited to less than 1 meq g-1

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Grafting 1,2-polybutadiene onto porous silica / Christophe Le Deore, Andre Revillon, Thierry Hamaide and Alain Guyot // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 3048-3051.

Grafting 1,2-polybutadiene onto porous silica - Завантажити.