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We extend our mean-field theory of backbone liquid-crystalline polymers (LCPs) to calculate chain anisotropy in nematic phase. The LCP theory applies to semiflexible, worm-like polymers and we use the Kratky-Porod formalism with a self-consistent mean-field approximation. We calculate the end-to-end distance of a polymer chain in the nematic phase as a function of concentration and temperature. For sufficiently long or sufficiently flexible polymers, we find for the ratio of z to x components of the end-to-end distance: (1 +2S)/(1-S), where S is the order parameter and z the director axis. At the transition this has a universal value of 2. The order parameter is described by the equation: (1 - S) 2 (1 + 2S)2/(2 + S) = 27/8euc.

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Chain conformations of liquid-crystalline polymers / A. M. Gupta* and S. F. Edwards // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 3112-3114.

Chain conformations of liquid-crystalline polymers - Завантажити.