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The swelling properties ofperfluorosulphonated ionomer (PFSI) membranes have been studied as a function of the solvent, the counterion and the temperature. The expansion of PFSI membranes has been measured in numerous solvents. Different solvent parameters have been considered and the donor number of the solvent is proposed as the relevant parameter. The influence of counterion is shown to be related either to the softness parameter of the cations for a very polar solvent or to the size of the cations for other solvents. Very large solvent uptake can be obtained by increasing the temperature, which remains in the sample on cooling back to room temperature. The material begins to dissolve even with low solvent uptake. The dissolution of the membrane depends only on the degree of swelling.

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Swelling study of perfluorosulphonated ionomer membranes / G. Gebel*, P. Aldebertt and M. Pineri // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 333-339.

Swelling study of perfluorosulphonated ionomer membranes - Завантажити.