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The order~lisorder transition in a lattice hole model of a polydisperse dense system of semiflexible chain macromolecules is studied within the mean-field approximation and by Monte-Carlo methods. The polymer chains consist of 'stiff' or 'flexible' monomer units which associate at a given density and temperature in the process of reversible equilibrium polymerization. The system goes from an ordered state of parallel infinite rods into a lower density state of differently long disoriented chains at a temperature which is influenced by the chain stiffness and by the ratio between inter- and intrachain interactions. The mechanism of the transition is different from that of Flory and represents rather a polymerization transition.

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Phase transitions in polydisperse polymer melts / Andrey Milchev // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 362-368.

Phase transitions in polydisperse polymer melts - Завантажити.