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A critical appraisal has been carried out of the creep performance of the fibrils in the pre-crack damage zone (craze) of a series of polyethylene homo- and copolymers. It has been shown that by assuming that the fibrils are drawn to the natural draw ratio of the material, a correlation can be established between the creep rate of oriented specimens and the stress crack performance of the material. The existence of such a correlation paves the way to simpler and faster testing routines and to a better understanding of the factors controlling stress crack performance

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Crack initiation and fibre creep in polyethylene / M. J. Cawood, A. D. Channell and G. Capaccio // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 423-425.

Crack initiation and fibre creep in polyethylene - Завантажити.