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The physical properties of the nylon with the longest number of methylene segments, nylon 13,13 have been characterized. Studies are reported of thermal analysis, X-ray scattering and for mechanical properties includin~ hardness. The crystal of nylon 13,13 has been found to have a monoclinic form with a=4.9 A, b=9.22A, c=34.40A and fl= 121.08 °. Also, studies were carried out on the mechanical properties of nylon 13,13 that had been uniaxially drawn by solid-state extrusion at 125 and 135°C. The highest draw ratio obtained was 4.5. The maximum melting point, heat of fusion and amorphous density were estimated to be ~> 183°C, 230J g-1 and 1.01 g cm -3, respectively. The crystallinity, melting temperature and tensile modulus increased with draw ratio. The glass transition temperature of the undrawn polymer was 56°C. For the sample with a draw ratio of 4.0, the tensile modulus and the X-ray crystal orientation function reached 2 GPa and 0.94, respectively.

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The characterization and properties of nylon 1 3,1 3 / Li-Hui Wang, F. J. Balta Calleja*, Tetsuo Kanamotot and Roger S. Porter // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 4688-4691.

The characterization and properties of nylon 1 3,1 3 - Завантажити.