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Three novel diamines containing pendent ethynyl, hexynyl and phenylethynyl groups were synthesized and used to prepare polymers and copolymers. When heated to 250-350°C, the ethynyl groups react to form crosslinks. After curing, the homopolymers were brittle owing to the high crosslink density. Copolymers prepared using 10mol% ethynyl-containing diamine and 90mo1% of diamines with no ethynyl groups were relatively tough, forming creasible films. After a thermal cure, the copolymers became insoluble and exhibited high Tg values and good thin film properties.

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Polyimides with pendent ethynyl groups / B. J. Jensen* and P. M. Hergenrother // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 630-635.

Polyimides with pendent ethynyl groups - Завантажити.