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The growth of interlaminar cracks from pre-existing defects under static and cyclic loading is of major concern in the application of advanced composites in primary structures. To overcome this problem, within the last few years many toughened graphite composites have been introduced by materials suppliers. Based on fundamental studies about the influence of the constituent properties, a third generation of toughened epoxy and bismaleimide prepreg systems with a well balanced property profile have been developed. Key factors influencing interlaminar fracture toughness and damage tolerance were identified in the frame of the development. Different toughening concepts of the matrix, rubber toughening as well as the incorporation of thermoplastics, have been studied in the neat resin as well as in the composite in combination with different fibre types. The multifaceted aspects of the relationship between the chemical structure of the matrix, the geometrical restrictions due to microstructure and the corresponding properties of the composite will be discussed.

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Interlaminar crack growth in third-generation thermoset prepreg systems* / Volker Altstiidt Dale Gerth and Michael Stiingle // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 907-909.

Interlaminar crack growth in third-generation thermoset prepreg systems* - Завантажити.