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The development of orientation has been studied in samples of poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) drawn at 150°C from initially amorphous material of thickness 7 gm at an initial strain rate of 40% min-1 to draw ratios 2 in the range 1-2.92. A sample of increased crystallinity and orientation was produced by annealing a sample with 2 = 2.92 at 300°C. Polarized spectra were obtained in the range 640-2000 cm-1. By suitably combining parallel and perpendicular spectra it was possible to predict the spectra of randomly oriented samples with different crystallinities. The conclusion of Nguyen and Ishida that the spectrum of PEEK may be regarded as the sum of two overlapping spectra, due to molecules in amorphous and crystalline conformations, was then confirmed both by spectral subtraction and by curve fitting and shown to account for the apparent shift of peaks with change of polarization direction for oriented samples. The areas under the characteristic peaks have been used to show that the content of crystalline conformers exceeds the degree of crystallinity except for the most highly oriented sample and the annealed sample, and an explanation has been found for the observation of Chalmers et al. that there is a linear relationship between the ratio of the absorbances at 1306 and 1280 cm- 1 and the degree of crystallinity. The C--~O stretching mode has been used to derive the orientation average (P2(cos 0))c for the molecules in the crystalline conformation and this is found to be very much lower than that of the chains in the crystallites, determined in part 1. The infra-red dipole orientation with respect to the chain axis has been derived for several modes due to molecules in either the crystalline or the amorphous conformations. Combining the results with those of part 1 allows the conclusion that the development of molecular orientation in the present samples fits well into the general picture built up by other workers using a variety of somewhat different techniques for producing orientation.

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Molecular orientation in uniaxially drawn poly(aryl ether ether ketone): 2. Infra-red spectroscopic study / A. M. Voice, D. I. Bower* and I. M. Ward // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1164-1173.

Molecular orientation in uniaxially drawn poly(aryl ether ether ketone): 2. Infra-red spectroscopic study - Завантажити.