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The model presented here to describe the deformation behaviour of filled elastomers is based on the observation that deformation occurs inhomogeneously. As a result of extending a filled rubber, the filler particles become aligned in rows parallel to the stretching direction. The rows are connected to each other by strands emanating from the filler particles, forming a second network that is superimposed on the molecular network. The stress-strain behaviour can be described by writing the stress as a superposition of stresses of the individual networks, a=(1-O)al +~a2. The parameter • gives the volume fraction of strands between the filler particles. Macroscopic properties such as stress-strain behaviour or stress-induced crystallization of filled elastomers are described well by this model.

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The double network, a model describing filled elastomers / Werner Franz Reichert, Dietmar Goritz* and Edgar Johannes Duschl // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1216-1221.

The double network, a model describing filled elastomers - Завантажити.