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Observations have been made on as-polymerized, non-stirred, 'solution' polymerized poly(p-oxybenzoate). A uniformity of thickness of the resulting lamellae, for given polymerization conditions, indicates a nucleus determined thickness, with oligomer addition primarily on the lateral faces. Bilayered lamellae are the predominant form in many of the preparations, regardless of the phase I/phase II crystal modification ratio. Lack of cohesion at the interface of the layers suggests a parallel packing of the chains in these lamellae, with opposite chain direction in the two layers. A domain structure is observed in many of the lamellae and is presumed to be related to propagation of defects in phenyl ring and molecular direction on close packed planes in the two crystal forms. The presence of fibrils connecting fractured lamellae indicates some form of surface connection of neighbouring 'extended chain' molecules in a layer, similar to the folding of flexible molecules in lamellar crystals of, for example, polyethylene.

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Morphological observations of nascent poly(p-oxybenzoate) / J. Liu and P. H. Geil* // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1366-1374.

Morphological observations of nascent poly(p-oxybenzoate) - Завантажити.