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Crosslinked poly(glycidyl methacrylate) has been functionalized by ethanolamine and subsequently by xanthation. The xanthate based beads were used for anchoring Fe 2 + ions, after which they have been used in conjunction with H202 as a redox catalyst system for aqueous polymerization of acrylamide. The polymer beads were characterized for percentage modification at subsequent stages by elemental analysis, Fourier-transform infra-red spectroscopy and pore size distribution. The efficiencies of polymerization with the polymer-supported catalyst and with a conventional system were compared with respect to the yield and molecular weight.

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Polymer-supported redox catalysts for polymerization / A. E. Poornanandhan, P. Rajalingam and Ganga Radhakrishnan // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1485-1489.

Polymer-supported redox catalysts for polymerization - Завантажити.