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A new type of optically active N-[4-(cholesteroxycarbonyl)phenyl]maleimide (ChPMI) was synthesized from maleic anhydride, aminobenzoic acid and cholesterol. Radical homopolymerizations of ChPMI were performed in several solvents at 70°C to give optically active polymers having [~]D=2.3 to 41.1 °. Radical copolymerizations of ChPMI (M1) were performed with styrene (ST, M2) and methyl methacrylate (MMA, M2) in toluene at 70°C. From the results, the monomer reactivity ratios (rt, r2) and the Alfrey-Price Q, e values were determined as follows: r 1 = 0.080, r2 = 0.020, Q1 = 6.57, el = 1.74 for the ChPMI-ST system; r 1 =0.11, r2=0.80, Q1 = 1.73, el = 1.96 for the ChPMI-MMA system. Anionic homopolymerizations of ChPMI were also carried out. Chiroptical properties of the polymers and copolymers were investigated.

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Synthesis and polymerization of N-[4- (cholesteroxyca rbo nyl )phenyl ] malei mide / Tsutomu Oishi*, Yuki Otsubo, Koji Matsusaki and Minoru Fujimoto // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1504-1511.

Synthesis and polymerization of N-[4- (cholesteroxyca rbo nyl )phenyl ] malei mide - Завантажити.