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The effect of the nematic-solid phase transition on the texture of both crystallizable and amorphous nematic polymers is studied using polarizing and electron microscopy and light scattering. We found that crystallization, unlike vitrification, can lead under certain conditions to the formation of banding, which has so far been reported only as having been induced by external flow. To achieve banding on crystallization, nematic domains must acquire a sufficient size through previous annealing. Crystallization brings about directionally non-uniform volume changes and corresponding excess free-volume energy to which we attribute the presently observed effect

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Crystallization-induced band formation in nematic polyethers / M. Hoff*, A. Keller and J. A. Odell // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1800-1805.

Crystallization-induced band formation in nematic polyethers - Завантажити.