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A novel diethylaminoethyl chitosan was synthesized via Schiff-base intermediates. The C2 amino group in chitosan was protected from the reaction between benzaidehyde and chitosan to form N-benzylidene chitosan. After reaction with diethylaminoethyl chloride, the Schiff base was removed by reacting O-diethylaminoethyl-N-benzylidene chitosan and dilute ethanolic hydrochloride solution. The tensile strength of diethylaminoethyl chitosan was improved by incorporation of the diethylaminoethyl group in the C6 position of chitosan. Diethylaminoethyl chitosan showed pH-dependent swelling characteristics

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Synthesis and properties of diethylaminoethyl chitosan / Jin Hong Kim and Young Moo Lee // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1952-1957.

Synthesis and properties of diethylaminoethyl chitosan - Завантажити.