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X-ray diffraction analysis has been used to study the crystalline structure of syndiotactic polystyrene. A highly oriented specimen was obtained by stretching a tensile bar in the solid state for 500% at 200°C. A total of 23 Bragg reflections were identified. The appearance of many Bragg reflections on higher layer lines indicates that three-dimensional regularity of the crystal structure is significantly improved after annealing under tension. All Bragg reflections could be indexed with a hexagonal unit cell a = 26.3, c = 5.1/~, which supports a previous observation by Greis et al. using electron diffraction analysis

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Crystalline structure of =-form syndiotactic polystyrene / Zhan Sun* and Robert L. Miller // Polymer. – 1993. – Vol 34. – P. 1963-1965.

Crystalline structure of =-form syndiotactic polystyrene - Завантажити.