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The anisotropic character of the creep behaviour of polycarbonate, oriented at a temperature 12°C above the glass transition to different draw ratios, has been studied using the model of Boyd and Jansson. This model is based on molecular assumptions and results in a second-order relation, e = D1tr + D2tr 2, where D1 is the linear and D2 the non-linear compliance component. The segmental orientation was determined by infra-red dichroism and the chain extension by shrinkage. It was found that both the linear and non-linear compliance components decreased with increasing orientation, although the non-linear component is affected much more by the orientation. The same result was found both in tension and contraction.

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Anisotropic creep behaviour of oriented polycarbonate / L. Lundberg* and J.-F. Jansson // Polymer. – 1994. – Vol 35. – P. 2084-2089.

Anisotropic creep behaviour of oriented polycarbonate - Завантажити.