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This investigation relates to the synthesis and characterization of four linear polyelectrolytes containing crystal violet and bipyridinium moieties in the main chain, with molecular weights ranging from 1154 to 3815. Of these, two polyelectrolytes had N-alkylammonium ions and the other two involved typical 2,5-diacylthiophenylene linkages with N-acylammonium and N-acyliminium ions in their respective structures. The solvation characteristics of these systems are explored through density measurements in dimethylformamide and dimethylsulfoxide solvents over the small temperature range 25___ 5°C, by analysing the concentration dependence of apparent molar volume data at various temperatures in terms of the competing solvophobic and electrostrictional interactions with the media.

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Nitrogen-based polyelectrolytes: synthesis and solvation behaviour / Bhim Bali Prasad*, Shirley Easo and Anil Kumar // Polymer. – 1994. – Vol 35. – P. 2874-2880.

Nitrogen-based polyelectrolytes: synthesis and solvation behaviour - Завантажити.