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A transmission electron microscopic study was carried out on polymer alloys of polyoxymethylene (POM) with low density polyethylene (LDPE) and styrene/acrylonitrile-grafted LDPE (LDPE-g-PSAN) from the point of view that the compatibility of POM and LDPE will be improved by the grafted PSAN chain which has a solubility parameter close to that of POM, though POM and LDPE are immiscible with each other. Low temperature plasma etching followed by the carbon replica method were applied to examine the size and distribution of particles in LDPE and LDPE-g-PSAN in POM matrices by TEM. The size distribution curve of the dispersed particles had its maximum at a particle diameter of ~ 1.5 #m for LDPE and ~ 0.2/~m for LDPE-g-PSAN. It was also found from the TEM morphologies that the interaction of the particles with the POM matrix is stronger for LDPE-g-PSAN than for LDPE. This is accounted for by a difference in their solubility parameters.

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Morphology of polyoxymethylene-based polymer alloys / Shuichi Takamatsu, Tomomi Kobayashi and Tadashi Komoto* // Polymer. – 1994. – Vol 35. – P. 3598-3603.

Morphology of polyoxymethylene-based polymer alloys - Завантажити.