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A quantitative study on the formation of carbonaceous char at 350, 500, 650 and 800°C in unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and especially in blends of the two polymers has been carried out. Incorporating iron compounds at varying levels into the polymer blends dramatically increases char formation even at 800°C. Flammability and smoke data are also presented and the relationship between char formation and levels of iron present are discussed. Crosslinking/char-forming schemes are proposed in an attempt to explain the action of iron compounds in these polymer formulations.

Посилання на статтю:

Char formation in polymer blends / P. Carty and S. White // Polymer. – 1994. – Vol 35. – P. 343-347.

Char formation in polymer blends - Завантажити.