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In this paper, three novel silicon-containing polyimides (abbreviated as SiDA-TDA, SiDA-DDA and SiDA-BDA) were synthesized. The permeability to H2, 02 and N2 of these polymer membranes was determined at 30°C and at 1 atm. The introduction of bis(phenylcarboxylic dianhydride)dimethylsilane (SiDA) into the backbone of polyimides appears to result in a significant increase in gas permeability, without a correspondingly large decrease in permselectivity. The relationships between chemical structure and permeability of polyimides were also discussed. Wide-angle X-ray diffraction measurements of the average segmental spacing of the membrane materials characterized the packing of the different polymer types.

Посилання на статтю:

Silicon-containing polyimides for gas separation / Zhou Wenle and Lu Fengcai // Polymer. – 1994. – Vol 35. – P. 590-593.

Silicon-containing polyimides for gas separation - Завантажити.