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X-ray pole figures were obtained for samples of lightly plasticised poly(vinyl chloride) which had been subjected to monoaxial (draw ratio 2) and biaxial (draw ratio 2 х 2) orientation at 70°C. These pole figures confirmed the presence of crystallite orientation and suggested the presence of two distributions of crystallites, having the a- and c-axes of the unit cell, respectively, predominantly in the stretch direction. The relative amount of c-axis orientation was greater in the biaxially stretched sheet, possibly at least partly owing to the presence of mesomorphous structure.

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X-ray pole figures for oriented PVC / M. Gilbert, D.H. Ross, A. Bowen // Polymer. – 1999. – N 40. – P. 1233–1239.

X-ray pole figures for oriented PVC - Завантажити.