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A series of novel polyimides have been synthesized from the condensation of 5-(perfluorononenyloxy)isophthalic acid bis(4-aminophenyl) ester (IV 3) with various aromatic tetracarboxylic dianhydrides. For comparison, the polyimides containing the bis(4-aminophenyl) ester unit were prepared from terephthalic acid bis(4-aminophenyl) ester (IV 1) and isophthalic acid bis(4-aminophenyl) ester (IV 2) with dianhydrides. The poly(amic acid)s had inherent viscosities of 0.97–1.98 dl g ¹1, depending on the diamines and dianhydrides. Perfluorononenyloxy groupcontaining polyimides (VII 3a–d) had lower dielectric constant (ranged from 2.73 to 2.56), lower moisture absorption, and better solubility than those of analogous polyimides (VII1a–d, VII2a–d) which do not contain perfluorononenyloxy group. Moreover, they maintained good mechanical properties (G⬘ close to 10 9 Pa) up to 270°C. The glass transition temperatures of these perfluorononenyloxy groups containing polyimides were in the range of 268–287°C by d.s.c. and 272–291°C by d.m.a., and the 10% weight loss temperatures in nitrogen and air were above 529 and 522°C, respectively.

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Novel perfluorononenyloxy group-containing polyimides / Jung-Wen Yang, Chun-Shan Wang, // Polymer. – 1999. – N 40. – P. 1411–1419.

Novel perfluorononenyloxy group-containing polyimides - Завантажити.