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Engineering calculations/ D.E. Sidorov, I.A. Kazak Recommended methodical Council NTU "KPI" Examples and solutions for computer problems workshops, questions for self-control task to work on the course "Engineering calculations". For students on specialty "Equipment of chemical productions and enterprises of building materials" and "Machines and technology package". List of recommended literature.


Інженерні розрахунки на ПЕОМ: навч. посіб. / Д.Е. Сідоров, І.О. Казак – К.:
НТУУ «КПІ», 2015. – 185 с. (Engineering calculations/ D.E. Sidorov, I.A. Kazak - K .: NTU "KPI", 2015. - 185 p.)

Engineering calculations. List of recommended literature. - Download.