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Designs have been developed for two commercial modular membrane units with effective membrane-surface areas of 20 and 100 m s, which can be used to separate azeotropic and thermally unstable mixtures, concentrate solutions and recycle valuable organic substances in the production cycle.
Yet another promising area of application for pervaporation - separation of solid substances from organic solvents (for example, those used in the electronics industry) and crystalline solid substances from essential oils used in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industry (for example, menthol from peppermint oil) - should be pointed out.

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Ryabtsev G.L. Pervaporation separation of homogeneous liquid systems / G.L. Ryabtsev, Yu.E. Lukach, I.O. Mikulenok // Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. – 1997. – Vol. 33, N 3. – P. 245–249 (DOI: 10.1007/BF02418465).

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