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Cooling of polymer granules and strands in air and water was examined. The greatest effect of a turbulence of air fl ow on the cooling rate of granules was revealed in the starting period. An analysis of the cooling of granules in water demonstrated that the rate of heat transfer from a volume of thermoplastic material to its surface was a rate-limiting step and, thus, an effect of turbulization of a water fl ow on the cooling was negligible. We showed that it would be appropriate to install partitions destroying a heated boundary layer of water for intensifying process in a cooling bath since an actual cooling of the strands in the water bath longer corresponds to the case when water moves together with strand.

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Mikulionok I.O. Heat exchange in granulating thermoplastics / I.O. Mikulionok, L.B. Radchenko // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. – 2011. – Vol. 83, N 3. – P. 550−558 (DOI: 10.1134/S1070427211030384).

Heat exchange in granulating thermoplastics - Завантажити.