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Computer engineering

The choice of future profession without exaggeration can be called a life choice. From this choice depends a lot, that is why it is necessary to weigh all "pluses" and "minuses" of chosen specialty.

Almost everyone choosing future profession asks himself the question: "Is this specialty in demand?", "What will I learn?", "What will be my future job?"…

We will try to answer these questions by the example of the specialty - "Engineering, Computer Modelling and Design of Polymer and Building Materials and Products Manufacturing Equipment".

Is this specialty in demand nowadays?

lp1Plastic. So comfortable, stable, lightweight, durable ... It surrounds us everywhere. Polymeric materials are present in all spheres of our life and technology. Production of plastics and polymers is currently developing with such enormous speed, that production facilities have to increase capacities and number of employees.

In today's world almost all phases of products creation are closely connected with computerization. The days of paper calculations and pencil drawings have already gone. Nowadays the place of paper and pencil belongs to computer, but specialists, who possess high-level computer-aided design and calculations, have been being prepared relatively recently in Ukraine.

stroiIn such circumstances, the demand for highly qualified specialists in the field of computer design of machines and equipment for polymer composites reprocessing is growing every year.

Besides, industry of building materials is developing rapidly not only in Ukraine, but all over the world, and requires the establishment of manufactures involving new technologies and implementation of the latest results of scientific and technical progress for design and modernization of technology, as well as design process organization, optimization and acceleration, that considered as a part of modern machines and devices production for this industry.

Therefore, the design, maintenance and repair of such equipment can be carried out only by highly skilled specialists trained on the relevant profile. The need for specialists in this field is growing from year to year.

What will I learn?

lp2Training programs of our department prepare fully developed, high-quality and modern specialist. Much attention is paid to the theoretical basis of the specialty, as well as workshops, where students create their own 3D-projects, calculations and do their tests. Department laboratories contain modern equipment used in factories and leading plants of the industry.

lp3Studying involves the extended amount of computational mathematics, programming, simulation and optimization of technological processes, methods of finding technical solutions and experimental researches, as well as the development and operation of automated systems and computer-aided design technologies.

lp4During the studying students acquire knowledges in the areas of:

  • Computer aided design systems
  • Computer simulation and design
  • Computer-integrated technological systems
  • Computer graphics and industrial design
  • lp4Exploitation and computer diagnostic of equipment
  • Management and marketing of new structural materials
  • Industrial management of chemical production equipment
  • Development of object-oriented systems for new technologies

It is very important to use the most modern software systems for specialist preparing in computer design. During the study students acquire the following software packages:

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Where can I work after graduation?

lp5The knowledge and skills, received by students during their studies, can be employed to a wide range of design, industrial and manufacturing companies in Ukraine and the world. Among world-class companies, that work closely with polymer composite materials in Ukraine and give workplaces to our graduates, there are:

  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • BMW Ukraine
  • Materialise
  • Samsung

Creo 3D CAD category main image

To the world-class companies, that are working closely with Automatic design systems of the equipment of building materials plants in Ukraine, can be included:

  • Knauf
  • Vetropak
  • Ruukki
  • Tikkurila
  • Polimin
  • Caparol
  • Ceresit

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