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Engineering, Computer Modelling and Design of Packaging Equipment

The choice of future profession without exaggeration can be called a life choice. From this choice depends a lot, that is why it is necessary to weigh all "pluses" and "minuses" of chosen specialty.

Almost everyone choosing future profession asks himself the question: "Is this specialty in demand?", "What will I learn?", "What will be my future job?"…

We will try to answer these questions by the example of the specialty "Engineering, Computer Modelling and Design of Packaging Equipment".

Is this specialty in demand nowadays?

387598It is rather difficult and perhaps even impossible in today's world to find a product without packaging. Anything we take, from food to medication, from clothing to household goods, from toys to cars - everything has its own packaging. Polymer, glass, paper, cardboard, textiles – all are kinds of packaging.

However, despite the fact, that almost every enterprise need specialists in field of packaging, the number of such specialists is fairly small. This is connected with fact, that only few universities provide training in this specialization.

In conditions of growing production rates, the demand for specialists in the field of packaging machines and technologies is huge.

What will I learn?

Training programs are formed in such way, that could be possible to prepare fully developed, high-quality and modern specialist. Much attention is paid both to theoretical basis of the specialty and to the workshops, where students create their own packaging design, implement it in 3D model, and then design equipment, that will put in it future product. Labs of department are equipped with modern packing devices used in leading factories and enterprises.

maxresdefaultAt a training center of German company "Festo" our students learn very important practical discipline, – mechanotronics, acquiring skills in creation of modern automation systems.

During the studying our students acquire knowledges in the areas of:

  • Packaging Design
  • Computer simulation and design
  • Computer graphics and industrial design
  • Operation and computer diagnostics of packaging machines
  • Management and marketing of packaging machines
  • Industrial management of packaging equipment
  • Development of object-oriented systems for advanced packaging technologies

Aqua Minerale 2FluidSimIt is very important to use the most modern software systems to prepare an experienced professional. During the studying students acquire the following software packages:

  • FluidSIM
  • FluidDraw
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Where can I work after graduation?

service engineer 21400Obtained knowledges and practical skills allow graduates to seek employment in a wide range of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the world. Among world-class companies, where our graduates - specialists in packaging machinery and technology successfully work, there are:

  • TetraPak
  • Vetropak
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine
  • Roshen
  • Kraft Foods

Pre-registration of applicant

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