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522 problems and exercises on the main sections of continuum mechanics are reported including: introduction to tensor analysis, the general principles of mechanics and thermodynamics of continuum, conservation equations, fluid mechanics, linear elasticity, theory of plasticity, linear viscoelasticity. More than 385 problems have solutions with detailed textual explanations and transformations formulas. Other problems designed for self-control have only answers. Based on problem books written by such famous authors as J. Maze, M. E. Eglit et al.

For the university students enrolled in 7(8).05050315 "Chemical manufacture equipment and building materials enterprises" and related specialties: engineering, construction industry, power engineering and petrochemical industries.


Karvatskyy A. Ya. Continuum Mechanics. Problems with solutions [Digital resource]: education guidance – K.: NTUU «KPI», 2016. – 390 p.: fig. – Ref.: p. 387.