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“Processing Lines Designing” is a key discipline, combining CAD-technologies and fundamental and general engineering disciplines into one logical system. It is practically oriented during the education process of specialists and is specialized in Mechanical Engineering. The workbook contains the description of flow form production, basic stages of designing of various types of processing lines, theoretical basics of processing lines designing including the main statements of machine and labour productivity theory, the choice of optimal degree of differentiation and concentration of the technological process, the examples of processing lines calculations of different arrangements.

Oriented on the students of higher educational establishments studying “Applied Mechanics” and related disciplines: Mechanical Engineering and building disciplines.


Processing Lines Designing [Digital resource]: Lecture materials for students studying “Applied Mechanics”, specialized in «Packaging machines and technology» / Contrib.: A. Ya. Karvatskii – K. : Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 2017. – 182 p.: fig. – Ref.: p. 176–177.